AERRE Inox's Products


cod. HE

Developed in compliance with FDA & cGMP rules, the special design (DTS double tube sheet) assure the impossibility mixing between the two fluids and the complete self-drainability. Single or multiple passes for horizontal or vertical mounting, for heater or cooling or combined duty. Atmospheric or tested execution available.

More details on the characteristics and features of heat exchanger flow the operating principles and possible applications, are available inside the data sheets: essential tools to understand in depth how to use at best each product and increase the levels of functionality and reliability of a system. By downloading the specifications you will have the opportunity to go deeper into the matter of heat exchanger flow, in order to know at best the opportunities made available by every single product.



cod. TC

One of our most versatile and complete quick-couple systems of clamp fittings for distribution loops and connections in pharmaceutical applications. Developed in accord with BS 4825 rules, available in a size range from ½” to 12” in AISI 316L with gaskets made of PTFE, SILICONE, EPDM, certified and FDA compliance.

Our tri-clamp production can cover a broad range of utilizations, providing a clamp connection for many sizes of tubes, and including also a ferrule clamp: all that you need for a successful and sanitized industrial process for pharmaceuticals, high-quality and certified.



      cod. RPS

      Fully autoclavable, allow samples to be taken from the middle of  the line enabling a rappresentative sample. Extremely economical and very easy to use, can be installed onto distribution loops or tanks. Machined entirely from a solid round bar in AISI 316L available with clamp or screwed connections. NEW : syringable version available.



      cod. SSB

      Hallow capturing and handling of liquid sterile product samples, CIP/SIP with steam cleanable (special design) diaphragm divert valve ½” clamp connections. Borosilicate bottle size 500 or 1000 ml, adjustable bottle holder with removable handle, fully autoclavable, sterile filter, full material traceability, customized for your needs.



      cod. TK-CONN

      Hygienic device features a compact design that allow the installation of clamped accessories or clamped valves onto tank. Once installed, the clamp gasket shuts off flush with the inside tank wall with a zero dead leg. Realized in AISI 316L, in a size range from ¾” to 4”. Fit  for sight glasses, sampling devices, manometer, spray-ball installation.

      Aerre Inox bases the quality of its solutions on a long experience in designing and manufacturing stainless steel products. Competence goes along with professionalism to ensure functional and reliable devices that can satisfy all the customers' needs, fulfilling the requirements of a wide and varied range of fields. Every tank valve, every tank bottom valve and any other single product is tested and checked in order to make it capable of serving as well as possible its purpose.



          cod. VR

          Our sanitary spring check valves production is ideal for either horizontal or vertical mounting. Specially designed for sanitary and pharmaceutical use, they can tap fluids at ambient temperature up to 30 bar and steam up to 4 bar (151°C), needing 0,3 bar only to overcome the spring and open. Available in a size range from ¾” to 3” in AISI 316L with clamp or butt-weld connections.

          Download the data sheets here available for the flow check valve and get all the information required to optimize the efficiency of any system. Contact Aerre Inox by e-mail to have more details about the solutions offered: we can also provide consultancy on the better way to increase the efficiency of a system. Thanks to the long experience gained over 20 years of activity as manufacturer of flow check valve systems and sanitary flow equipment, Aerre Inox can offer its customers high-value solutions to respond at best at efficiency and reliability requirements.



          cod. VF

          Full passage design optimized for minimum pressure drop. Valves body and disc precision machined from AISI 304 or 316L forged pieces. Manual or with pneumatic actuator with proximity, available size from DN25 to DN200 with clamp, DIN, flange or butt-weld connections  with silicone seal FDA compliance.

          The butterfly valve in stainless steel proposed here is the result of a long process of development towards innovative and effective solutions, a process that has characterized the entire history of the company Aerre Inox, from 1990 to date, carried out by providing high quality products, able to respond to the needs of reliability in any specific field. Each valve and flow indicator proposed in the online catalogue is able to ensure high standard of efficiency and reliability. Contact us and get more information about butterfly valve production, the flow indicator, and every other manufactured by Aerre Inox.



          cod. MM

          AR Inox MM, the magnetic mixer, is a high-performance, magnetically driven mixing system for application in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and cosmetic sectors. Featuring a quick and easy removal operation, it is ideal for autoclave sterilizing or when sharing a single drive unit.

          Using this magnetic stirrer is simple, and is the only solution to meet the increasing mixing requirements without using rotating shafts, gaskets and other equipment normally employed in tanks for mixing processes.



          cod. VPA-VPAK

          A sample valve developed for taking samples in a sterile way, its special configuration assures effective cleaning (CIP) and sterilization (with pure steam) of product contact surface, valve and seating plug when the valve is in closed position.

          Fully autoclavable, available in the manual version or with a pneumatic actuator, both easily interchangeable, and featuring a stainless steel ferrule, AR sampling valves show a compact design allowing an easy installation on even small vessels or process lines.



          cod. VA-VFA

          Suitable for direct installation in tanks and reactors preparation used for food or pharmaceutical processing guarantees complete drainability with zero dead leg. Available in two version : FLANGED, with removable valve body and BUTT-WELD directly welded to tank bottom. Manual or pneumatic, available size from ¾” to 2” in AISI 316L with silicone diaphragms FDA compliance.

          Each version of the aseptic valve offered online is designed and developed to respond effectively to the needs of quality and reliability in every single area in which its use is required, needs which Aerre Inox can meet optimally thanks to the long experience and high standard of professionalism in the production of aseptic valves. Download the data sheets of the aseptic valves, in which are described the characteristics of the products. For more information about the features of the aseptic sampling valve produced by Aerre Inox, contact us by e-mail.



          cod. VSS

          The experience gained by Aerre Inox, during a long activity as manufacturer of stainless steel products, allows to propose a wide and varied ball valves production marked by high quality and reliability, such as the ball valve and all the sanitary samples valves which allow to increase the efficiency of a system. Consult the online catalogue to know in detail all the features and characteristics of the ball valves as well as the sanitary sample valves that Aerre Inox proposes.

          Three pieces heavy body full passage machined entirely from AISI 316L round bar for intercept fluids and steam in pressure. The ball working in a PTFE reinforced glass 25% “integral seal”. Manual or with pneumatic actuator with proximity, available size from ¾” to 2” in AISI 316L with clamp or butt-weld connections.



              cod. RE-FLEX

              Flexible platinum cured silicone hose in compliance with FDA Par.21 CFR-177.2600, PHARMACOPEIA XX Classe VI . The tube can be reiforced for pressure or vacuum applications and can be sterilized with steam, suitable to be fitted with AISI 316L CLAMP in various size.


                SIGHT GLASSES

                cod. SP-SL

                Compact and hygienic design for installation onto tank or preparation reactor, or directly on piping in-line. Available in various type in a size range from ¾” to 4” in AISI 304 or 316L with clamp, DIN, flanged or butt-weld connections. Suitable to be install of tempered borosilicate or soda-lime glasses.


                    WASHING DEVICE

                    The spray-ball cleaning system it’s the quick, simple and economical system for washing and descalling of tanks, mixer and autoclave,  for food & beverage, dairy and chemical-pharmaceutical applications. The absence of mobile parts avoid the risk of wear even after a long period of use. Made in AISI 316L in various type, for the choice see and use its table.