Fike® Hygienic Rupture Discs

Aerre Inox is the authorized distributor for Fike® Hygienic Rupture Discs in Italy

Reliability, accuracy, innovation and continuous technological improvements have enabled Fike® to be a leader in the field of explosion and overpressure protection for decades.

The pharmaceutical market demands stringent sanitary and hygienic requirements. Fike® has an extensive line of Rupture/Bursting Discs which are ASME, CE and 3-A certified and are dedicated to maintaining and protecting the high standards of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries. In addition to standard products, a team of experienced engineers and technicians works to ensure the requirements of each application are met; to produce high-performance products to channel deflagration into safe areas and/or quickly suppress any explosive activity. Fike’s pressure relief products improve performance, reliability and extend the service life of equipment.

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