Flexible hoses

Silicone and PTFE flexible hoses suitable for installation in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic, food & beverage and chemical plants.

All hoses are certified according to FDA regulations and meet the standard requirements of PHARMACOPEIA USP Class VI, to ensure non-toxicity and sterility of the products they come in contact with.

Aerre Inox produces clamp fittings in AISI 316L for flexible hoses in two main types: fittings crimped to the hose with a length pre-determined by the customer, reusable fittings applicable on the hose directly by the end user.

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Silicone flexible hoses TusilPure

Data sheets:

 Silicone Flexible Hose Rev1

 Silicone Wire Flexible Hose Rev1


PTFE flexible hoses Tuflon

Data sheets:

PTFE Flexible Hose Rev1


Re-Flex reusable hose clamp connection

RRI-RRD Re-Flex Reusable Fittings Rev0


Silicone flexible hoses with braid reinforcement

Data Sheet:



Silicone flexible hoses


Silicone flexible hoses

Technical data

Product Wetted Steel Parts:
AISI 316L 1.4404

from ¼” to 3”


Hose-Fitting coupling:
crimped, reusable

Internal surface finishing:
Ra ≤ 0.5µm

Maximum operating pressure:
+6 bar(g)

special materials

Special executions on request.
The parameters can change depending on model and size, download the data sheets or contact us for all details.

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