Magnetic mixers

Aerre Inox manufactures magnetic mixers for plants in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic, food & beverage and chemical sectors, granting the maximum purity of the product inside the tank.

The AMT magnetic mixer is the ideal solution for mixing tanks in the pharmaceutical field. The transmission with magnetic torque avoids the occurrence of cross contamination between product and external environment, a typical problem of the use of devices with mechanical seals (shafts, seals and other equipment).

If the process requires the joining of several phases, it is possible to intervene by using the AMO magnetic homogenizer, which is completely interchangeable with the eventual AMT mixer present on the plant.

Download the technical sheets for details on the operating principles, performance and technical information of Aerre Inox magnetic stirrers.

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Technical data

Product Wetted Steel Parts:
AISI 316L 1.4404 and 1.4435

Bearing material:
tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, zirconium oxide

Working volume:
5 Liters to 40.000 Liters

three-phase asynchronous motor

Internal surface finishing:
Ra ≤ 0.5µm

Operating temperature range:
-10°C to +150°C

Operating pressure range:
-1 to +10 bar(g)

extension for insulated tanks
rotation detection sensor
easy disassembly system
direct current motor
air motor
special materials

Special executions on request.
The parameters can change depending on model and size, download the data sheets or contact us for all details.

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